• Reception Counters
  • Bank Desks & Offices
  • Retail Cigar Displays
  • Office Cabinets
  • Storage & Break Rooms
  • Bathroom Vanities
    Custom Trim
  • Crown Moulding
  • Baseboards
  • Windows & Door Casings
  • Applied Mouldings
  • Custom Wood Ceilings
  • Wood Stain/Finishing
    Rough Carpentry
  • Wood framing
  • Trusses
  • Decking
  • Roof Nailers
  • In-The-Wall-Blocking
  • Interior Plywood Walls
    Finished Carpentry
  • Doors & Hardware
  • Bathroom Partitions
  • Stairs
  • Patio Decks
  • Hardie Siding
  • Church Pulpits & Offices
  • Fiberglass Resin Panels
  • Slat Wall Systems
  • Trellises

Maintenance Services

Whether you are responsible for a statewide chain of retail stores, or you are the onsite manager at a single location, Craftwork can help you develop a property maintenance program that will fit all your needs.

Although we specialize in the repair and replacement of interior structures – Floors, ceilings, walls, cabinetry, etc- we can assemble a team of licensed contractors to meet all your electrical and plumbing needs as well.

We take a lot of pride in the quality of the work we do. We also go to great lengths to ensure that every facet of your maintenance program is effective and efficient. We can make arrangements to store maintenance materials, we can schedule off-hour repairs, and we can help you protect your property prior to a natural emergency. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Craftwork has been a provider of maintenance services to Publix shopping centers for over 7 years. We currently manage the maintenance of approximately 120 of their stores. In addition to Publix, we have done work for banks, restaurants, furniture and clothing stores, fitness clubs and office suites.

Craftwork has the ability to perform complete carpentry services as well as the following:

  1. Flooring (carpet, tile and wood)
  2. Suspended ceilings
  3. Drywall, FRP and Trim
  4. Bathroom Partitions and Accessories
  5. Prefab and Custom Cabinets
  6. Reception Desks
  7. Exterior Siding, Trim and Soffits
  8. And much more

Years of Experience

”We have vast experience with, churches, municipalities and restaurants."

– Joe Minnix, President & Founder
CraftWork Inc.

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